What We Believe

The Heart of Who We Are

Two Rivers Church is about transformation.  Whether you have always attended church or are trying church for the first time, we hope you will be different after spending time with us.  Our goal is to engage our world with the reality of Christ in a way that moves us toward God.  Our message is real, our music is live, our style is relaxed.  We love kids and we hope that you and your family will want to help us achieve our mission to Love God, Love Each Other & Love the World.  We believe that as we join together to live out this purpose as a community our lives will be changed along with the world around us.


We believe that all scripture is God-breathed and has the power to change lives
(1 Timothy 3:16)

We believe that God is the creator and sustainer of life
(Genesis 1)

We believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and salvation is through Him alone
(John 14:6)

We believe we are saved by grace, through faith, at baptism, for good works
(Ephesians 2 & Acts 2)

We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within Christians and gifts them for service
(1 Corinthians 12)

We believe that it is destined to die once and after that to face judgment
(Hebrews 9:27)

Vision & Values


To be a place of hope for EVERYONE while being a church of consequence in our community, our region and our world.


Scripture over Secularism

We believe that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant word of God. Therefore, we will look to the Bible to dictate what we teach and believe rather than to the philosophies and teachings of our secular world.

People over Programs

We believe that the people of our community and of our church are more important than any set religion that we can come up with. We believe that Jesus was more interested in the lives of people than with the religious status quo. Therefore, he took time to look people in the eye and to relate to them as individuals. Jesus was not interested in what he could get from people only what he could give.

Substance over Style

We believe that our style should reflect the culture we live in, but we do not believe that style takes precedence over substance. We believe what we teach is more important than how we teach.

Others over Ourselves

One of the foundational teachings of Jesus is that we should consider others needs in higher regard than our own needs. Serving others both in our community and in our church is therefore foundational to us as a community of believers.

Self-sacrifice over Self-promotion

Jesus life and teaching exemplified the attitude of sacrifice. Jesus is known by the world today not because of self-promotion, rather because of self-sacrifice. Therefore, as a community of followers of Jesus we too should not look for self gain individually or as a group.

Justice over Status

If we are serious about living out the teachings of Jesus we must have the oppressed and marginalized of our world in mind. Therefore, we will be a voice for those who have no voice, we will represent those who have no representation and we will include those who have been excluded by our culture.